June '10: Multifest Youth Songwriter Competition

When Serge Sampson from Music Nova Scotia contacted us about sponsoring the youth songwriting competition, we jumped at the opportunity. There is so much talent here in Nova Scotia, and to be provided the opportunity to work with young artists just coming on to the scene was a great experience. The talent that came through from the competition made it incredibly difficult for the judges to make a decision on even who the top 3 finalists would be. The original sponsorship that Codapop agreed to was a full day recording session for the winning band.

When the top 3 performed we decided “to heck with it”, and we gave all three finalists a day of recording time in the studio. Each band brought their own unique contribution to the studio: the runner up band, the Trips, came into the studio and, with the support from Kari from KoKareative, we filmed a mini documentary promoting the band, the studio and the multicultural festival. In addition to the day in the studio, the guys put in more time to complete 2 radio ready polished songs.

Paradise Project, the overall winners of the competition, spent the day in the studio tracking live off the floor to create for themselves memento to keep the spirit of the band alive while the members parted ways to pursue a post-secondary education. 

The second runner up, Nico Rothgroup, will be in one day we're sure and we will share with you what they have done when we can.

Finally, because we thought her song was so catchy, we invited Amanda Colter in the studio. She worked with producer Dwight D'Eon to do her song “Take A Chance On Me”. This event was certainly a great experience and we look forward to seeing more of this talent!

Amanda Colter - Take A Chance

The Trips - Love On A Leash

The Trips - Find A Way

If you are interested in recording at Codapop or would like to come for a visit and see the facility please contact us at:
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