“The last 2 weeks have been a very personal experience. It’s been some time since I was in a studio and I was feeling nervous. That feeling quickly turned to excitement as we started tracking. Mike and Erien were absolutely stellar to work with and showed top level skill. None of this would be possible if Codapop wasn’t the professional studio it is.” - Charlie A’Court

"Codapop and Erien are some wicked! One of the best, most professional studios I’ve dealt with! Thanks you! You guys are amazing!  Best time!” - Kim Wempe

“I can’t stress enough how excellent it has been working at Codapop. Mike and Erien… What can I say? These guys are the real deal. I am proud to have my name on Charlie A’Court’ new record and also very proud to say we made it happen right here.” - Chris Kirby (Producer)

"Codapop is the James Bond of recording studios.  It's handsome, professional, suave, and slick.  If it weren't such an amazing environment for creating music, I would spend my time there drinking gin martinis.  007 aside, it;'s the kind of studio you want to use if your goal is to succeed musically."- Ryan MacGrath

 "Codapop studio is a truly amazing studio experience! Don't let the beautifully sophisticated decor and awesome hospitality be the only thing that impresses you, Codapop has the right tools for the job. The engineering staff have the professional know how to ensure an amazing recording in a comfortable space. Codapop is the perfect studio for young and up and coming bands and artists to get a quality recording at a good price. Not only that, Codapop helps you out every step of the way. Our experience at Codapop studio has always been a great one indeed!" - Tyler Dempsey (The Big Get Even)

If you are interested in recording at Codapop or would like to come for a visit and see the facility please contact us at:
(902) 407-2399